Free Web Scrapers And Scraping Techniques – Semalt Expert Advice

There is a range of web scraping tools, but sometimes these tools don't provide the accurate data. That's why programmers and web developers highly recommend manual web scraping. The current web scraping solutions range from ad-hoc to fully automated systems that can convert an entire website into well-structured and well-organized data without any problem. So, let's discuss the different web scraping methods.

Text pattern matching:

It is one of the best and most powerful web scraping methods. This simple yet amazing approach helps extract data from web pages based on their importance and regular expressions. The method allows a user to specify by him/herself a text pattern to search for.

HTTP programming:

In this method, static and dynamic websites or blogs are scraped by posting HTTP requests to remoter servers using special program tools.

HTML parsing and other data mining techniques:

Websites have huge collections of data that is organized and saved in their databases. The data of the same category is encoded into similar web pages by common scripts or templates. In the data mining process, programs detect such scripts and extract the needed content. Then, they translate this content into different programming languages to present it in a rational form. For example, Python has excellent language functions called decorator or wrappers. With their help, you can easily identify URLs that need to be crawled. Moreover, the semi-structured data query languages including HTQL and XQuery are used for parsing HTML pages, as well as for extracting and transforming web pages in a large number.

Free Data Feeds:

If you would like to have access to the fresh data from famous news portals, ecommerce businesses, travel and job domains, then we recommend you refer to the Free Data Feeds. It will keep you updated about the current trends and types of data that is suitable for your online business. With its help, you don't need to learn web scraping codes as it allows you extract data manually, without any issue.

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